2nd Half 
 playing the greatest music ever recorded -- plus a little bit more.
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Click here to hear "Spooky".

Perfect example of what we mean when we say "The Greatest Music Ever Played...and a little bit more!"
We keep that same classic feel, but add a little more complexity to the beginning, middle and end! Sounds just as great in person, too!

Our take on The Letter.

Okay...this is not "just a little bit more"...this is a WHOLE lot more...our complete re-work of the Box Top's Classic

Stuck In The Middle (With You).

The classic by Steeler's Wheels, updated just a little bit.

Seminole Wind.

A beautiful song by John Anderson. We make the beginning a little unique, and close strong

Route 66.

Great old classic that's been covered by Nat Cole, the Stones...now us.

Squeeze Box.

Just a fun song by The Who

And We've got lots more where this came from!
Check out that Playlist!