2nd Half 
 playing the greatest music ever recorded -- plus a little bit more.
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So who are these guys?

(Top Left to Right)

Jerry Lowe, Doug Schwalm, Bob Harrington.

(Bottom Left to Right)

Fred Bidwell, Russ Rogers

In early 2010, Doug Schwalm started looking to get together with a bunch of like-minded, old-time Rock And Rollers that would play the kind of music he loved. A few Craigslist ads later and after a few starts and stops, 2nd Half started coming together.

2nd Half plays the kind of music people want to get up and dance to. Nothing pleases us more than watching people, who really weren't all that keen on dancing, get dragged out there onto the floor because the beat just won't let them stay put.

2nd Half provides the music a growing segment of people desire...good music, with a solid tune. We take those old time records...the greatest music ever recorded...and we give it just a little more. You gotta hear this stuff.